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Management & Staff
Mike, 80s kid, Ex-Tier2 CSS & CSGO player. CEO of @RizeGamingPro - passion for new business. Esport community contributor in Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and Street Fighter Series. Currently playing Overwatch.
There's a new sheriff in town...
Ex-Professional Call of Duty / Halo 2 and CS 1.6 player who has now developed within the world of educational eSports. Working from the industry with Sony Computer Entertainment and smaller modification teams I have the drive and knowledge for multipl
I am currently the Chief American Officer for Rize Gaming/
I am a Writer & the Social Media Director for Versus Gameplay, I am a Writer for Rize Gaming & I am the Head Editor for Evolution NA. I work Full time for Air Force 1 AC
Video game lover, goofball extraordinaire and 80s kid. Player and Streamer for Rize Hearthstone
25 years of Fighting Games. Street Fighter, Tekken, KoF
Yooo....what to say, where to begin...Ive always hated writing Bios so ill keep it short, 24 from Ohio, been gaming since i was around 7 and start on the play station. Now i have an Xbox 360, One and a PS4, I also dabble in some mobile games time to time.
Graphic designer & owner at Avartde.
I can drink 5 days without stop